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Author: rogernelmes

My Body, His Temple – Day 12

My body is really not mine but His. He paid a high price for me and now I need to honor Him by how I use it.

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Benediction – Day 11

A benediction may indicate the closing of one chapter but it is not an ending. A benediction is a blessing to keep on moving forward with what we have just been given.

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Joyful – Day 10

Being blessed moves past our present condition to a spiritual reality of contentment because we are allowing our lives to be influenced and maintained by the Word of God.

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20/20 Vision – Day 9

When our vision in no longer impaired we can see who we are created to be and what He has called us to do. It allows us to not only see that we BELONG and but that now there is something that we need to BECOME. We have vision – we can see clearly – so that we can have vision – a destiny to be chased.

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Risking Connection – Day 7

To be perfectly honest, due to circumstances in my past, connecting at a deeper level has been a risk that I had not taken much in 2017. For me it hasn’t been much of the fear of rejection as much as it’s been the fear of disloyalty and disappointment.

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Legacy – Day 6

Our character is what God is concerned with and it’s character that will fuel our actions and ultimately determine our legacy.

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Learning to Drive – Day 4

As believers and disciples of Christ, we can not stop at reading the Bible and going to church to hear what the Pastor says. Don’t be satisfied with having a driver’s license. Get behind the wheel and drive. Just DO IT and you’ll see yourself move from knowing to growing.

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Planning Ahead – Day 3

When dealing with our plans and goals for 2018 the question that we should be considering is, what can I do differently this year when it comes to addressing my resolutions? If you truly want things to BE different this year, you need to DO things differently.

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