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Back to the Beginning – Day Two

Now that you have set some goals and resolutions, you should have the big picture in mind of your preferred future. Now the question is, where do I begin? I know that I want to grow spiritually and discover all that God has for me. I know that God has given me gifts, talents, abilities, and characteristics that He wants to use to further His kingdom. I know that He has placed people in my life for a reason, some to influence me and help me grow, and others are for me to influence and help grow. Where do I begin?

Well, first of all, if you haven’t made Jesus the Boss of your life, and by that I mean give Him control of your everything, then you need to go back and read yesterday’s post, Day One. Your relationship with God through Jesus is the beginning of everything. Apart from that we can do nothing (Psalm 16:2, John 15:5).

If you look at the story of creation you might wonder, why did God do it all anyway? Why make a heaven and earth? Why make man in His own image knowing that he would fail and rebel? The simple one word answer is RELATIONSHIP.

Take a moment to read Genesis 1-3. Do you see the difference between the way God spoke things into existence except for the animals and man. Genesis 2:7 we see that God “formed man from the dust of the ground” and in verse 19 says that God “formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky.” The difference was that God breathed the breath of life into man’s nostrils. He gave man a spirit. We were made in His image for a reason – relationship. That was God’s original intent all along. To connect with you and me just like He did with Adam and Eve walking through the garden.


On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your current relationship with God?

What are some things that you have done to grow and strengthen the key relationships in your life?

What opportunities are you taking to build your relationship with God?

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