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Category: Discipleship

Looking For An Open Door

How many times have you come to a place in your life when you need to know that a decision you’re about to make is not only the right decision, but the BEST decision? You’re more than just conflicted. You’re desperate for answers – for direction.

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Vote Groups – Day 85

Groups has a secondary purpose written deep into the thread of that same DNA. That purpose is to move people toward spiritual growth.

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Eliminating Distractions – Day 74

I’ve simply allowed distractions to get the best of me and the result is that I’ve cheated myself from pursuing my goals and accomplishing my priorities.

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Help – Day 51

Commitment and trust go hand in hand. We cannot say that we are committed to God if we cannot trust Him with our lives.

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Getting Over It – Day 48

John 16:33 tells me that God’s peace isn’t a byproduct of Him removing my trouble but rather it is in me trusting that regardless of the trouble, I am an overcomer through Christ.

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Shake it Off – Day 47

We may get knocked down, make mistakes and fail, but our failures are not fatal or final!

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Valentine’s Day – Day 45

Let’s be honest. We struggle at times loving the people closest to us let alone then displaying it to the world around us. Yet that’s exactly what He has commissioned us to do. 

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Two Chairs – Day 43

Prayer can often seem like a difficult discipline to make a habit because we simply don’t understand the dynamics and power behind it.

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