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Category: Discipleship

The Chase – Day 34

If we aren’t chasing God we are merely chasing the wind and missing out on our most basic yet primary reason for being.

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State of the Union – Day 30

What if YOU were to prepare an address to the people in your life, your family, friends, and those you influence, and gave a report of your previous year’s accomplishments and your hopes and goals for the year to come?

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He Is Able – Day 26

God is able to do immeasurably more! He is able to give me everything I need to complete his calling and destiny for my life.

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Hitting The Right Target – Day 25

What will you say if He tells you that, in your life, you hit the wrong target?

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The Purpose of Christ – Day 22

His death was that ultimate demonstration of love and his resurrection was the ultimate display of prophecy fulfilled and power revealed.

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Position of Christ – Day 17

As prophet he declared the message of God’s love for his creation. As priest he offered up the ultimate sacrifice to give us access to our creator. Now as King, he gives us victory over our enemies and He will lead us into eternity to rule and reign with him.

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Getting to Know Him – Day 16

Knowing who Jesus is gives us a greater understanding of not only his love toward humanity, but his right to grant forgiveness and eternal life.

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A New Beginning – Day 15

I had some pretty life altering things happen just as I was about to turn seven years of age. My dad remarried, we had our first family vacation, and I made Jesus the boss of my life as we were on our first family vacation. That’s a lot for a […]

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