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Planning Ahead – Day 3

When dealing with our plans and goals for 2018 the question that we should be considering is, what can I do differently this year when it comes to addressing my resolutions? If you truly want things to BE different this year, you need to DO things differently.

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Back to the Beginning – Day Two

We were made in His image for a reason – relationship. That was God’s original intent all along. To connect with you and me just like He did with Adam and Eve walking through the garden.

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First 100 Days

Every year we come to January 1st with our goals and resolutions hoping for the best. I humbly admit though that 365 is a long time and I have not always followed through with everything. So this year I’m starting with this, the first 100 days.

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Do Good

Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

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Because He Lives

Today, regardless of my circumstances and situations in life, I sing, “Because He lives I can face tomorrow.

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God’s Masterpiece

Your good and beautiful purpose is found at the intersection of your identity in Christ, God’s universal design for all of us, and God’s unique design for you as an individual.

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Fishers of Men

This is a short video that I made a few years back based off of the Wicked Tuna show and using Newsboys’ song “Fishers of Men.

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Josh Hunt wrote a great book called Break a Habit: Make a Habit where he gives us 10 essential keys for success.

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