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Category: Discipleship

The Verifiers of Discipleship

Let’s use the example of Paul and Timothy to illustrate the idea of being a multiplier in discipleship. Paul discipled Timothy and entrusted him with the church he planted in Ephesus.

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The Vehicles of Discipleship

A church’s structure should be simple. Everything you do (and what we don’t do) is strategically based on your mission to love God, love others, and serve the world.

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Views of Discipleship

As the church we are to evangelize, worship God, and build up the church through discipleship.

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Discipleship Values

Values are the things that we believe are important and necessary to accomplish our vision. Not everyone will have the same process for discipleship but these values are essential: authentic relationship, Biblical transformation, and stepping out in faith to use your gifts.

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IRD: Intentional Relational Discipleship

Building relational equity in order to create discipleship opportunities.

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Discipleship 301


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Discipleship 201

This second discipleship course we will discuss how to take the next steps to GROW your faith.

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Discipleship 101

In the first discipleship course we will cover the basics living your faith. This will serve as a starting point

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