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Five Tips for Achieving Your Goals

Now that you realize how important it is to create goals, establish a plan of attack and then follow through  until you’ve reached your desired destination, let me offer five tips to help you stay on course. (Read Coaching Toward Achievement first.)

  1. Evaluate. Set intentional time with people of influence to review and evaluate your progress through out the year. Be sure to include those who are directly affected by your goals being accomplished since they have a skin in the game as well.
  1. Submit to Coaching. Discover and develop a coaching relationship with someone who is further along than you are and give them permission to hold you accountable and challenge your growth.
  1. Don’t just think it, ink it. Write down your goals and display them somewhere visible to keep it on the forefront of your mind.
  1. Do hard things. Goals don’t get accomplished by themselves. In fact, appropriate goals will stretch you and push you to work hard for success. Don’t be afraid of doing hard things and don’t give up until you see it through.
  1. Give it away. Don’t be selfish with your success. Use your experiences and learning to help others to grow.

Which of these five tips do you find the most difficult and why? What is now is the right next step for you? Who is going to help you get there? Goals are simply dreams with deadlines. Quit sitting there silly. Go and do it!

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