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Hitting The Right Target – Day 25

I started a growth track group last night called Chazown: Discover God’s Dream for Your Life. It’s based off of the book by Craig Groeschel. One of the key Scriptures for the night was from Acts 20:24.  “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me – the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” After reading that verse the question for me to consider is what task has the Lord given me? How would I complete that sentence as Paul did?

My life is worth nothing to me… if only I may ___________________

To really bring this point to life, here is one of my favorite stories from the Chazown book.

“Did you watch the 2004 Summer Olympics? If you did, you might have seen an American athlete named Matthew Emmons. He was solidly on track for the gold in the fifty-meter three-position rifle final.

Emmons was up for his final shot. He was so far ahead of the other competitors that all he had to do was send a bullet anywhere through the inner ring of the target. That would seal his gold medal. 

He prepared himself mentally. He paused his breathing. He took his aim. Then he fired.

The bullet passed right through the bull’s-eye.

But he was puzzled when the tone indicating a hit didn’t sound. Emmons then realized that the bull’s-eye he had hit was on the wrong target. He dropped from first place, and a virtually guaranteed gold medal, to eighth. 

The right shot hit the wrong target.

One day you will stand before a greater Judge than any who ever officiated at the Olympics. What will you say if He tells you that, in your life, you hit the wrong target?” (Chazown, Craig Groeschel, pg 37)

1. Have you ever hit the wrong target in life? What was the result?
2. Where are you going in life? Are you going there on purpose?
3. What are some steps that you can take this week in order to start aiming at the right target?

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