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Learning to Drive – Day 4

We always hear our Pastor say, “Application is the deepest form of learning.”  This has never been more evident than when I’ve tried teaching my boys to drive. Both my older boys were able to study the drivers manual, watch the online videos, and then pass the written exam with flying colors. Getting behind the wheel of the car was another story altogether. Understanding the law of physics, the general operation of a vehicle, and the laws of the road is of course essential.  But until you actually DO IT, it’s all just theoretical. Having a drivers license doesn’t mean that you can drive. Driving is when you get behind the wheel, take the car out of park, and head down the road.

Our faith is very similar.  James the half-brother of Jesus speaks very candidly about this. He said “faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead” (James 2:17). Simple enough right? James tells us how in his previous chapter and the concept is just as simple. He said, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourself. Do what it says” (James 1:22). Maybe this is where Nike should claim they got their slogan Just Do It. As believers and disciples of Christ, we can not stop at reading the Bible and going to church to hear what the Pastor says. Don’t be satisfied with having a driver’s license. Get behind the wheel and drive. Just DO IT and you’ll see yourself move from knowing to growing.

Now grab your Bible and read over James 1:19-27. After reading it (two or three times if necessary), use the following questions as a tool to take you into deeper understanding and application. As always I would love to hear about your discovery.

  1. What are the main ideas of what you just read? (Look for key phrases, repeated words, and action statements.)
  2. What concepts, truths, or principles did you learn?
  3. What was most challenging to you in this passage?
  4. With what you just learned, what do you now need to pray about?
  5. How can you put into practice what you just learned?
  6. Who do you need to talk to about it?

Remember, learning how to drive is like learning how to have faith. You need to get behind the wheel and do it.

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