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Two Chairs – Day 43

Have you ever read something and just thought to yourself, “That’s the best explanation that I have ever heard.” That is exactly what I thought after reading the book 2 Chairs by Bob Beaudine. Prayer might be easily defined as communication between man and his creator, but it seems to be much harder to practice until a crisis moment arises. Prayer can often seem like a difficult discipline to make a habit because we simply don’t understand the dynamics and power behind it.

“Next time you are alone, working through the issues of life, pull up another chair and invite God to join you. Listen. 2 Chairs changes everything. One chair is not enough.” – ┬áTom Ziglar

The subtitle to his book is The Secret That Changes Everything. Let me ask you a question. If you knew a secret that would change your everyday life – from the ordinary to the extraordinary – would you act on it? Sounds like a dumb questions right? But how often have we heard it said that PRAYER changes everything and yet we wait until the crisis moments to try it out? Who knows, maybe if we were praying the whole time, some of our crisis moments would have never veered their ugly heads.

I think every believer needs to read this book and hear this simple illustration that will change how they see prayer in a practical and tangible sense. Here is what is written on the inside jacket of the book.

It might be something small or something big, but you know you don’t have an answer. You’ve come to the realization there is a limit to what you can do alone. For such times as these, 2 Chairs asks three vital questions:

Does God know your situation?
Is it too hard for Him to handle?
Does He have a good plan for you?

Following these questions, Bob offers seven practical steps to walk courageously, faithfully, and cheerfully through your trouble whether it is a minor issue or a major crisis.

Simple question…do you want to know the secret to not just surviving what life brings your way, but actually thriving through it? If you answer yes, then I would suggest that you get a copy of 2 Chairs and give it a read. If you would like to read it as a group let me know!

Get your copy HERE.

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