• Body Life

    Body Life

    Ray Stedman wrote Body Life to remind us of what God created the church to be as the body of Christ. He takes us through a study of Ephesians chapter four where we discover the guidelines concerning the activity of the believer’s life within the church. “Paul’s masterpiece of the church is his letter to […]

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  • You’re Gifted

    You’re Gifted

    We had a great discussion tonight in our connect group about how God has gifted each of us for a very special purpose. He created us as a masterpiece, designed to do good things – not just any good things, but those things God has planned for us and has sent us to do. For […]

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  • Daily Encounters

    Daily Encounters

    Ever since I was teenager, I have had the same morning ritual. I get out of bed, brush my teeth, and then I walk into the kitchen to get my cup of coffee. There is just something about that first sip. The smell as I bring the cup up to my mouth…the taste of it’s […]

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